Take a deep breath and remember the medicine.

Wise Alex is an old soul that cracks wise about life, death, and everything in between through grooving music and thoughtful lyrics. He uses the acoustic guitar, alto saxophone, loop pedal, and vocals to create playfully deep songs. Wise Alex’s music can best be described as alternative pop with a blues twist that helps listeners heal, connect, and vibe one note at a time. He plays a wide range of covers spanning the past few decades of pop, rock, folk, and country hits.  

When not on the stage or in the studio, Wise Alex goes on inspiration quests with his dogs, connects with his spirit tribe, and balances life through meditation and yoga. He has performed solo as Alexmmmk and collaborated with The Freakquencies and Kids with Guitars. His main influences are Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, Jack Johnson, John Lennon and old motown. 

Wise Alex lives in the woods just south of Buffalo, NY with his two dogs Dazey and Fiona.