Leading a Personal Revolution

When it comes time, to do what is easy,
Or what is right, I hope you choose it freely,
Yeah when it comes time, to leave,
Or to lead that revolution,
I hope you get up on your feet…

These lyrics have been bouncing around in my head lately. They repeat over and over, echoing endlessly in my mind. I could choose to be annoyed by them, but today I’ve decided to embrace them and see what they have to teach me. It seems like life always has unknowns waiting just up ahead and with each unknown comes a choice: to face it head on or to turn from it. One thing I’m learning about these unknowns is that they appear as either a challenge or an opportunity depending on the mindset I have at the time. It all comes back to my mindset. If I think I can, I can. If I think I can’t, then I can’t. In the end, it’s not the unknowns or the events that happen in my life that matter, it’s how I respond to them. If I adapt, I can move forward. If I resist, I stagnate. 

Recently, I’ve chosen to show up for myself and it's been amazing, but I’d be lying if I said that it's been easy. I’ve started to show up for my goals each day, chipping away slowly, which has produced both difficult struggles and inspiring results (often in that order). Showing up each day requires me to find focused effort that I don’t always feel like I have. Sometimes it feels like my tank is empty and I have nothing more to give, but if I try anyway I surprise myself. Persisting in the face of fatigue, struggle, and low motivation has helped me discover new ways of engaging with my goals and more energy that I didn’t know I had. I’m learning that life is all about the process, not the outcome. It’s not easy and it probably won’t ever be, but if I persevere in the face of challenges I know that I will come out on the other side a stronger, focused, and enriched version of myself. 

We all have un-lived lives that we’d go after if we only had the time, the space, or the motivation. I’m starting to realize that we will never have extra time, space, or motivation if we don’t show ourselves why we need it. It’s similar to building muscle. We have to trick our bodies into thinking that the weight we’re dealing with is the new normal. Once the body and mind believe that these are the tasks that we will face each day, they adapt. We get stronger, healthier, and more adept at meeting challenges. Each day we may start at zero, but it’s up to us to mix our passion with persistence in order to tip the scales in our favor. 

Since I’ve chosen to show up and challenge myself each day, I’ve noticed that I’m happier and more content with life. Even if this path brings me more struggles than I’d have if I chose the safe and easy way, taking an active role in my life and going after what I’m called to do makes it all worth it in the end. It may be easier to leave than to lead a revolution, but today I'm going to stay, find my footing, and lead. 

Be well and I hope that you use this coming month as an opportunity to lead your own personal revolution and Live Inside the Light. - Wise Alex