Leading a Personal Revolution

One thing I’m learning about these unknowns is that they appear as either a challenge or an opportunity depending on the mindset I have at the time. It all comes back to my mindset. If I think I can, I can. If I think I can’t, then I can’t. In the end, it’s not the unknowns or the events that happen in my life that matter, it’s how I respond to them. If I adapt, I can move forward. If I resist, I stagnate. 

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Who is Wise Alex?

Wise Alex is a nickname I received years ago because I tend to share bits of wisdom with others in a playful way. I'm part old soul, part wise ass. 

I crack wise about life, death, and everything in between because the time we have here is too brief not to laugh along the way. Through the many lives I've lived over the years, my passion for music combined with insights laced with a clever wit have helped me find balance.

After some unexpected personal losses, I decided to focus my life on sharing the healing power of music with all those I encounter. Music is a medicine that helps me maintain a clear head and a soft heart through the many ups and downs of life. I hope that my music will impart wisdom to help you navigate your life, increase the sense of community we feel with one another, and get you grooving when the only thing left to do is dance. Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to connecting with you soon. Until then, Remember the Medicine ;-) 

In the comments below, I'd love to hear what medicine you use to navigate your life. 

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